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Desert Bloom by Norm Schilling

AIR DATE: May 25, 2004

Norm Schilling is thrilled by cactus in bloom and has advice on preserving your trees when converting to desert landscape.
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    Our pipe organ cactus just bloomed for the first time in the several years since we planted it. Our cactus problem is mealy bugs - rampant all over our very large staghorn cholla. They spread to our silver cholla and then to the teddy bear cholla. I've used pesticides on them with only minor success due to the sprayer's not working well and my incompetence. I've been told there are less toxic methods to get rid of these pests. Do you have any suggestions. Also suggestions of what I can do to prevent their returning. Years ago they came back year after year on my prickly pear until I finally got rid of the prickly pear. This is the first year we've had them on the cholla. Did my prining them draw the bugs?
    Dorothy HowardSep 28, 2011 19:16:45 PM
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