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Cash for Clunkers

AIR DATE: August 3, 2009

The program to get junkers off the road has burned through $1 billion in a week. But are dealers selling cars in Southern Nevada? What will happen with the extra $2 billion Congress is set to give to the program? We talk with two local car dealers to find out whose eligible and what the program has done for the valley's dealers. We'll also talk with a senior manager at a non-profit, which says it's been hurt by cash-for-clunkers because old cars that used to be shipped to them as donations are now being traded in for the government's bonus. Our guests are Tyler Corder, Chairman Findlay Automotive Group, Christian Pleva, General Manager Henderson Hyundai, and Ed Guthrie, Executive Director Opportunity Village.

The U.S. Department of Labor has assembled a task force to review Nevada's Occupational Safety and Health Administration's practice for investigating workplace accidents.

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