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The Future of Yucca Mountain

AIR DATE: February 5, 2010

It looks as if the Obama Administration is set to shut down Yucca Mountain. Is this the end? Will there be any other use for the repository? And how will the administration square the end of the waste repository with its promise to build more nuclear power plants? We discuss those issues with experts and industry players.

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Mr. Breslow appears to respect the Nuclear Waste Policy Act when it comes to sections of that law that dictate remediation of the Yucca Mountain site, but at the same time he supports breaking that law by arbitrarily withdrawing the license application. The simple fact is that DOE's proposed withdrawal, ordered by the President and the Senate Majority Leader, is in violation of the NWPA. Another hypocrisy from opponents of the YMP.
Darrin SidemanFeb 5, 2010 11:40:12 AM
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