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AIR DATE: February 5, 2010

The rate of teen pregnancy is again on the rise. After the great debate about whether abstinence or contraceptive education was more successful, it appears that neither is very effective. We talk with a health counselor and the principal of the Clark County School that allows pregnant students to graduate. We also meet a student who is pregnant and a teen who is running a one-woman campaign to raise awareness about the problem among her peers.

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I want to thank you for making time to address such an important issue that affects all aspects of our society.

I myself was a teen mom. I am 38 and I have a 20 year old. I was always told not to get pregnant, but was never really taught how not to get pregnant.

I agree that we should stress that waiting is best due to the responsibility of sexual relationships. BUT it is absolutely vital that children are taught - If you do- this is how you protect yourself. Birth control needs to be made readily available to teens without stigma.

My heart and future goal is to start a non-profit organization to help young girls make positive choices. In addition to the mechanics of birth control, I also feel that teaching young women how to value themselves first and foremost and more detail on the consequences relating to being sexually active.

It is my belief that often times girls become sexually active early on because of a lack of affection or attention. I feel that the entire spectrum needs to be addressed as a whole. Teaching girls how to find the value of their being is the most important matter not just the mechanics.

N.Feb 4, 2010 00:00:00 AM
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