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Solving the Budget Crisis

AIR DATE: February 10, 2010

Gov. Jim Gibbons is set to deliver his "State of the State" on the state's deteriorating budget situation. We talk with business leaders, union leaders and students to assess their hopes and fears for the budget cuts that most observers see as inevitable.

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I missed your show at noon today, and only heard a small portion of the rebroadcast this evening. However, with respect to the 350 + positions in State of Nevada government that are going to "be left unfilled."

Their status needs to be reexamined.

If I am not mistaken, State Personnel Managers will confirm the same as did Personnel Managers for LVMPD: that, if these 350+ position are left on the "books" but just not filled, personnel budget savings realized are almost insignificant - because planners have to budget as if they will be filled, sometime. If the State wants to realize savings NOW for those positions, all actually have to be eliminated. Realize that, for sure, I am NOT talking about the positions that were encumbered by State of Nevada employees who have been laid off during this fiscal crisis, I am talking about the vacant positions the Governor says will not be filled.

When the fiscal state of Nevada turns around then managers can apply to have the positions reinstated and filled.

[Edited for length]

ChuckFeb 9, 2010 08:32:18 AM
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