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Suicide Among Seniors

AIR DATE: February 17, 2010

Nevada has the highest rate of senior suicides in the nation. It's a subject that isn't often discussed. On this program we ask the question: Why? Why are so many seniors turning to suicide in our state? Is it gambling, depression, or loneliness? How can we stop it? And why is there little funding and open discussion on this topic?

We talk with the heads of the state and national suicide prevention centers, and with a woman who answers the phone at the crisis hotline.

Our guests include: Jerry Reed, Suicide Prevention Resource Center; Linda Flatt, Nevada's Office of Suicide Prevention; and, Debbie Gant-Reed, Crisis Call Center And we take your calls, comments and questions. Start the conversation now, by adding your thoughts below.

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There's one key to being happy: don't depend on anyone else for your happiness. Life truly is what you make it. Unless you're clinically depressed (for heaven's sake, take a pill!), find your element, be productive, vigorously enjoy your accomplishments, and life is good. I'm retired six years and this year I will visit my seventh continent. I'm keeping my mind active with continuing education and the company of interesting people, appreciating my good health and have to turn down many activities and opportunities to contribute to the community. Sure, age will slow me down eventually, but I'll still enjoy whatever is left.
Paula PetrusoFeb 12, 2010 16:44:50 PM
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