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John Chachas, Senate Challenger

AIR DATE: March 11, 2010

Senator Harry Reid faces a number of challengers for his Senate seat. Among them is Wall Street alum, John Chachas. He made his money in New York, but says he has 75 years of Nevada family history. He also says his expertise in fixing corporations is what the Capitol needs. Republican John Chachas joins us for a live interview on his campaign, his Nevada roots, and what it takes to fix problems in the state. Join the conversation! Leave your comment below, e-mail or call live during the program on Friday, 258-3552.

John Chachas, Republican challenger for U.S. Senate Seat in Nevada

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Mr. Chachas' credentials as a "rural Nevadan" are obvious. Somewhere along the line his family must have gotten crosswise with a BLM employee or two. That might explain his fixation with going after federal retiree pensions and selling federal land.

None of those measures would address the real budget issues, however good it might make Mr. Chachas' family feel.

Only about 10 percent of federal spending goes to running the civilian side of the government. Rolling programs back to 2005 might actually give some agencies a budget increase!

The real budget problem is elsewhere, with Social Security and Medicare consuming some 65 percent of the federal budget, defense another 20 percent, and interest on the debt set to balloon past its current 7 percent cost.

Also, flooding the market with land administered by BLM would only depress prices. That land is run by BLM because it never got homesteaded. So who would want it now? The state can't afford to buy it much less manage it. And private interests would have limited acres that might appeal--but perhaps this would help Mr. Chachas' family grab some parcel they've always wanted next to their place in Ely.

So, Mr. Chachas has some learning to do before he could represent all of Nevada, not just a few angry ranchers in the rural part of the state.

I wonder how Mr. Chachas feels about the Southern Nevada Water Authority's efforts to bring more water to Clark County?

JackMar 5, 2010 00:00:00 AM
To the Candidate-John:
You sound like you have good ideas! But WHY are you attempting to destroy the power of Nevadans IN the Senate?! We have a SENIOR Senator in Harry Reid, and an IDIOT on the OTHER side! Why not run against HIM!

JosephMar 5, 2010 00:00:00 AM
I really liked John Chachas! Look out Sue and Danny and of especially look out Harry Reid.
Nancy EubanksMar 5, 2010 10:27:47 AM
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