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Unemployment Numbers

AIR DATE: March 12, 2010

Las Vegas unemployment rate is now nearly 14%. Population is declining in the valley and jobs are still disappearing. We talk with Nevada's chief employment economist, Bill Anderson, to find out why jobs are still disappearing. And we talk with some experts about when jobs will come back and discuss whether moving might be a smart career move right now.

Bill Anderson, Chief Economist, DETR
Phil Gardner, Dir, Collegiate Employment Research Inst
Andrea Koncz, Employment Information Mgr, Natl Assoc of Colleges and Employers
Stephen Miller, Chair, Dept of Economics, UNLV

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My girlfriend and I have taken on daring new risks opening a business doing what we love. I'd also really like to open an organic produce market/espresso bar in my downtown neighborhood because the space is there and the neighborhood needs it. There is opportunity on every block in this town and work that needs to be done. Be the change you want to see. It's your life.
MichaelMar 9, 2010 00:00:00 AM
I've been unable to find any work at all since resigning from a stressful and hostile office work situation in May 2009. I am not eligible for unemployment coverage. I am a college graduate, with years of experience in several diverse technical fields. Now I am applying more for low-level McJobs but still not getting interviews nor job offers. I am open to leaving Nevada altogether - after 40 years here it seems there is no future for me in this state.
Paul MayerMar 9, 2010 10:12:59 AM
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