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Immigration Reform in 2010

AIR DATE: March 18, 2010

Reform Immigration for America has started an effort in Southern Nevada to get a grassroots campaign for immigration reform up and running.

Michael Flores, Nevada Dir, Reform Immigration for America
Arian Campo, Flores-Miami Bureau Chief, Newsweek
Javier Barajas, Immigrant and Nevada resident for 30+ years, and owner, "Lindo Michoacan" restaurant chain
Liz Hernandez, undocumented student, CSN

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RE: Next program of you immigration reform please include below if your time allows. Thank-you for reading my comments. I know immigration debate is going all over the country and now with the economy in stagnation, I just wanted to comment that America is exporting the knowledge back to student's home country by not letting degree-holder students who graduated from schools in America to allow them to a chance of contributing the economy.
karenMar 23, 2010 19:54:48 PM
This is not really well thought out arguments. Past immigrants came to be Americans, for the opportunities and the responsibilties of being a citizen. In fact, a true immigrant is one that comes through the process. For example, lets say I walk into Mexico, get a job some how, go and demand that the schools teach in english, all the other things that go into living but I say that I want to keep my identity and will tell my kids where they come from etc: you move some where to become some one different. Another example, we have traced a line of our family that immigrated (legally) to India in the mid 1800's from the US. While we were living in India, we were able to find where they were buried and guess what, their name was Smithaswamy..... We are almost all immigrants is true, and legal immigrants are always welcome...I have an Asian wife and we are very proud of all of our several heritage lines but there is no hiding nor worrying about who we are because we know...
KirkMar 17, 2010 09:56:41 AM
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