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Presenting... The Hillywood Show!
Presenting... The Hillywood Show!

AIR DATE: March 31, 2010

Sisters Hillary and Hannah Hindi started off making videos in their backyards. Then they spoofed the teen vampire films, Twilight and New Moon... and their viewers skyrocketed to three million. So they created an online show: "The Hillywood Show." The Hindis talk about videotaping and editing film, dressing up as vampires, and how things have changed since Hollywood came a-knocking.

Hillary Hindi
Hannah Hindi

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Hello there! My name is Taylor and I would just like to say that I am like the Hillywood Show's number one fan. I have all of their pictures and merchindise all over my room, I have at least three binders that is Hillywood decorated that I use in school, and I have like all of their twitters, myspace, youtube, vimeo, all of that stuff added to my favorites on my computer. I am seriously in love with Hilly, Hannah, Drew, Jacob, Kyle and Emily. Love you guys!!! P.S. good luck with location scouting.
Taylor NixMay 31, 2010 15:50:22 PM
If this is Hilly and Hannah i'm doing a movie i'm gonna need help you can be in it and help me do the movie i would love that
BrookeMay 30, 2010 15:36:26 PM
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