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Organics in Nevada

AIR DATE: March 30, 2010

Raspberries, melons, asparagus... those are just a few things we grow organic here in Nevada. Surprised? Local farmers join us to talk about why they're going organic up North and why it's not taking off in Southern Nevada. Also, we find out what happened when the organics department nearly hit the chopping block earlier this year... and how a group of angry farmers saved it.

Steve Marty, Agriculturist IV, NV Dept of Agriculture
Rick Lattin, organic farmer, Lattin Farms; Pres, Nevada Grown Farmers Assoc
Marcia Litsinger, organic farmer, Churchill Butte Organics; Vice-Chair, Nevada Organic Advisory Council

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I'm from the UK, we are opposing the first application of its kind; a mega dairy or CAFO, of 8100 cows which would be zero grazing. We have been told these work very well in the US and both the welfare of the cows and the standard of the milk are what we want - but we are not convinced. Have you any advice or any suggestions for people we could talk to about this? The usual average size of our herds is about 120, we do have one of nearly 2000 cows but this new application, if it is successful would be the largest dairy of its kind in Wester Europe.Deborah
Deborah WilsonApr 16, 2010 09:47:11 AM
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