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Rory Reid's Education Policy

AIR DATE: April 5, 2010

Gubernatorial hopeful Rory Reid has made education one of the big issues of his campaign to be governor. He's calling it his EDGE plan and says it's vital to economic diversification. He also says it can be achieved in spite of the growing budget deficit and recent cuts to the state's education budget. So how will he do it? Empower principals and teachers to build schools. Reid also wants to give parents a free choice of any school for their children to add greater competition to the Clark County School District. We talk with the Clark County Commission Chair about how he will implement this new policy.

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What does "empower principles [sic] and teachers to build schools" mean? What I've heard about "empowerment" schools is that teachers are disappointed that the higher pay they thought would come is not coming, because they've hit a wall raising test scores - which is bound to happen. At some point, kids actually have to do work. What in the heck does RR know about education? How long has he spent in a classroom? With how many teachers has he spoken, or does he disrespect and blame teachers, as so many who are running things do? You want to improve schools, Rory? 1- end social promotion. You are placed in the class for which you have the prerequisite skills. 2- offer more vocational ed 3 - get disruptive kids out of our classrooms. What a huge waste of time and energy, and they affect everyone else negatively. There's a top three with which to start. Now, I'm just a teacher, so apparently I'm not worth listening to, but my bet is that you could do #1 alone and make some actual progress with the schools here.
ateacherApr 1, 2010 08:35:42 AM
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