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Rep. Shelley Berkley

AIR DATE: April 8, 2010

Congresswoman Shelley Berkley will be in our studio to answer your questions. And looking at the election polls she and other Congressional Democrats have a lot of explaining to do. We talk to the congresswoman about the health care reform, the deficit, Democrats chances in 2010 as well as the recent spats between Israel and Afghanistan, and the United States.

Congresswoman Shelley Berkley

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Shelley Berkley you are a slave driver who uses Americans as tax donkey slaves. Your a tratitior to the United States. If American Indians started screaming we want our land back under our control you would have us all slaughtered. You do not vote to give money to Nevadans who are homeless you give to your chosen land first before us. That is how we known your a racist who wants American soldiers to die for your frauds and propaganda red flags. Your votes were not from true Americans either. Majority did not even vote that says what we the true American people think of you. WHY HAS YOU DOCTOR HUSBAND, PROFITED OFF WAR ARMS CLOSE TO ONE BILLION AFTER MARRYING YOU? A REAL GREAT DOCTOR REVIVING MONEY OFF AMERICAN DEAD AMERICAN SOLDIERS- NOTHING-
Real AmericanNov 18, 2010 11:22:04 AM
Congresswoman Berkley, thank you for voting for the imperfect bill. I find it ironic that many of the people that think the federal government infringes on their rights, have Medicare and Social Security. Also, it is refreshing to hear you talk about personal responsibilities. Thanks
DougApr 6, 2010 00:00:00 AM
Why won't Congress look at a single payer health care system? It seems that attaching health care to a job creates many problems. I would like to retire this year when I turn 60, but if I did, my husband and I would have to pay $2000 a month for health care. I know many teachers like myself who would retire immediately if they had more affordable heath care. It makes me think that Congress isn't really interested in finding ways to open up jobs for younger people.
MaryApr 6, 2010 00:00:00 AM
Rep Berkley just said that her understanding was that pre existing limitations will disappear within six months&everything I have heard says it does not go into effect until 2014. Please clarify.
FredApr 6, 2010 00:00:00 AM
Please.....we are not "your seniors" This statement shows exactly how out of touch you are. You work for us, not the other way around.

I would like to hear you address the question of manufacturing in this country in some way other than platitudes. You statement about solar panels was, that we are way behind china who is years ahead. If you can't think any clearer than that, how can you lead. I would like to hear what your parties industrial policy will be. Are you going to continue to back down to China like Geithner is now on the question of currency. Please explain how a country like the US that is broke can continue to lead when we don't lead and our representatives don't know how to either.

KirkApr 6, 2010 00:00:00 AM
During Congresswoman Berkely's last visit to Jerusalem she gave an interview with the "Jerusalem Post", which, in my view, sabotages the President's policy on settlements in East Jerusalem. I read her interview to, more or less, say "don't worry about the administration's policy, it is OK to continue to build settlements in Jerusalem." We are all a little weary of shoveling billions to Israel (and Egypt) each year and not see progress on a permanent peace agreement. This money could be used to finance part of our healthcare needs.
Michael LongApr 5, 2010 07:28:52 AM
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