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UNLV Department Heads on Budget Cuts

AIR DATE: April 15, 2010

The leaders of four UNLV departments that are on the chopping block for possible elimination are here to discuss making tough decisions in the face of massive budget cuts.

Monica Lounsbery, Dept Chair and Full Prof, Dept of Sports Education Leadership, UNLV
Teresa Jordan, Prof and Chair, Dept of Educational Leadership, UNLV
Marcus Rothenberger, Chair, Department of Management Information Systems, UNLV
Lois Helmbold, Prof and Chair, Women's Studies, UNLV

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I am both a graduate student and an undergraduate instructor in UNLV's Dept of Informatics, one that is also on the list of possible cuts. I agree with Anthony - not belittling liberal arts or many other areas at UNLV, but how could schools that are so relevant in today's economy and more to the growth of Nevada as a whole be subject to cuts? In an age where technology and computers require ever increasing skills, it is sad to see that the State and UNLV's board has recommend such cuts. I and my students have posted our letters to the President and Board of Regents concerning them. They can be found at
Mat RosaApr 10, 2010 01:16:15 AM
I'm a student at UNLV, and I was planning to get a degree in Women's Studies. The budget cuts are definitely going to affect me; if my dept. is cut, I will literally have to re-structure my life in terms of where I will be getting my education, and subsequently, how I will be building a future for myself. As Hembold said, if UNLV cuts Women's Studies, other schools in Nevada will not continue the program either, and I will have to go out of state for college, find a place to stay and a job, all while leaving my personal and social life behind.

A lot of the chairs are saying that they don't know why their department is on the line, as don't we, but honestly, at this point I don't think the impact of these programs really matters that much anymore. It seems like we have already given up on. None of us can argue that ours is better or more important to keep than another; I wish there was a way to not cut any programs and rather come up with alternative strategies. If UNLV cuts any of these programs, what is going to happen to the credibility of our institution? I feel, as a student, that I've been robbed of what college is really about. I'm here to be educated on something I am passionate about, and for me to not have that option makes me lose faith in our education system. =(

MalyssaApr 9, 2010 00:00:00 AM
Just wanted to sound off here regarding MIS at UNLV.

I think it's sad that any department would need to be considered due to budget cuts, but I understand the situation.

However, how could the MIS dept. make the short list?

It is a well known fact that our University is one of the leading in terms of Hospitality programs. Harrahs Entertainment largely makes that possible. Harrahs is well known for their data driven decision models in terms of management and rewards for guests.

IT and Information Systems enable decision making not only for Harrahs, but all Strip properties and the Hospitality Industry overall.

At this time in Las Vegas, and in the Nation, IT and Information Systems lead decision making for businesses. Perhaps not 30 years ago, but there is no question of Information Systems place in business in 2010.

If anything, in order to keep our University credible and cutting edge, classes and departments that emphasize concepts such as Project Management, Business Intelligence, Data mining - all these need to be moved to the forefront, not put on the back burner.

I will complete the Masters of MIS program in the Fall and I for one do not need to worry for myself about the state of the University. However, it is silly to think that a department as important to our University and students' futures as MIS would even be considered for shutdown.

Just my 2 cents.

AnthonyApr 9, 2010 00:00:00 AM
If you need to cut Why not just reduce all dept. by the same amount?
Paul L SanchezApr 9, 2010 10:27:30 AM
I commend UNLV for the responsible actions that they have taken to balance their budget and continue to provide an exceptional educational environment all within a framework of transparency. It is heartbreaking to hear these personal stories of those that might be affected. Furthermore it is unconscionable to continue to cut the higher performing segments of our society while the negative segments of our society continue the bleeding. UNLV's drastic cuts are a direct reflection of other groups such as Firefighters refusing any reduction during these hard economic times.
educationApr 9, 2010 00:00:00 AM
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