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Confessions of a Mormon Boy
Confessions of a Mormon Boy

AIR DATE: April 26, 2010

One critic called it "sexy and harrowing." Steven Fales has made a career of comedy about his transition from strait-laced Mormon boy from Utah into an actor who comes out. He is performing his one-man show "Confessions of a Mormon Boy" at the Onyx Theatre this weekend.

Steven Fales, author and actor

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STEVE all my life i have thought about same sex people like everyone else, now in my life i have no one and im an old woman waiting for the day i get to return home to the heavens, i have grown to hate hearing the words gay,lesbian, same sex people is a good choice wording i think that dont hurt like the other words. i think from the way i always felt about same sex people was almost the cause of my feelings because people that use those choice words are trying to hurt same sex relationship people. now i listen and i think within my very own feelings and closeness to god that people that are same sex relation people are fallen angels, for one angels of heaven are sexless, neither male or female, so when angels come to live on earth they would be in a sence sexless and it becomes a confusion with earth living. i do truely feel that is what makes the difference only is that those that are looking male and feeling the closeness to male and the same with female are thrown into this dellima from being an angel. so its all in a name like in the bambi movie when they come across a skunk in the flowers and they call her a flower and then find out shes a little skunk and she says you can call me a flower; so i will call those not gays not lesbians but ANGELS. god bless he will brings us all home one day and again we will all be the same in gods eyes.
merriann terrellApr 22, 2010 10:50:56 AM
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