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History of Cinco de Mayo
History of Cinco de Mayo

AIR DATE: May 5, 2010

"Ask a Mexican" writer Gustavo Arellano gives us a history lesson on Cinco De Mayo.

Gustavo Arellano, columnist, OC Weekly: Ask a Mexican
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    Eric, way to miss the point. Obviously you've never read or heard Arellano or even this interview.

    He wasn't insulting Irish (and yes, I'm both Irish and Mexican with a touch of Swedish). Arellano is pointing out how days like St. Paddy's or Cinco de Mayo commercializes, trivializes, and cheapens the day. Or do you think the average American representation of St. Patrick's Day is authentic somehow?

    And yes, in Mexico Cinco de Mayo is really only a holiday in the state of Puebla. Want to know why most Mexicans don't celebrate it here? Because they don't at home. But there's a difference between ignoring something and watching others sully it.

    Get a grip.

    WallyMay 6, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    Please do not have Gustavo Arellano on your program again. EVER!!! Not only did he insult My intelligence as a KNPR listener, He insulted my Country, and my heritage. Saint Patrick's day does not celebrate mythical leprechauns. Read a book, or google it before you insult someone else's back ground. If you think we Americans are stupid and we are all racist why do you live here? I don't dress up as a leprechaun but do wear a little green. Most people I know from Mexico do not wear traditional garb for May 5th either. Every holiday is exploited, WAKE UP!!! If I celebrate Cinco de Mayo with friends I am not insulting people from Mexico. If you don't like us and think we are stupid go home. My Latin (Not all are from Mexico)friends will stay here. People Like Gustavo are the racists.. Not the people accuse of it.
    EricMay 5, 2010 22:26:31 PM
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