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State Senate District 7: Democratic Candidates
State Senate District 7: Democratic Candidates

AIR DATE: May 18, 2010

We continue our candidate series with State Senate District 7. Do you live East of the Strip and South of Sahara? What issues affect your neighborhood? How are businesses faring? Where are you seeing budget cuts? Call Democrats Mark Manendo and Kathy McClain with your questions and comments at 10 a.m. Call 258-3552 or e-mail

Mark Manendo, Democratic candidate for State Senate District 7
Kathy McClain, Democratic candidate for State Senate District 7
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    On the contrary, it appears that Mr. Manendo has had no choice but to respond to Ms. McClain's horrid innuendos about him. She certainly started it. I have seen Mark's activity in the community, his support of seniors and homeowners. He helped our community get a needed traffic sign on Flamingo Road and even came out to help a group of us paint speed bumps and no parking areas. He is a man of his word, and he is sincere in his efforts to help his constituents. His voting record in Carson City is essentially no different than hers - they both vote with other Democrats. Ms. McClain has not gotten her hands dirty with me in my neighborhood but was the first to start a dirty campaign to make herself visible. Just look at the groups who have endorsed Mark Manendo. I am pleased to be one.
    Bill SampsonJun 5, 2010 16:44:27 PM
    I am originally a Brit from London (the greatest city in the world but for the weather !) who became an American citizen last June, so this is the first election I am eligible to vote in!

    I am excited at this prospect as I feel voting is both an honor and a civic duty, and would actually like to see it made compulsory - as it is in Australia...

    Although I found Mr Manendo to be an articulate proponent of his views, I'm afraid I could never vote for him. In the past couple of weeks I received two large glossy (and I am guessing not inexpensive) double-sided color postcards totally trashing his opponent.

    Neither of them contained a single sentence in support of what he could POSITIVELY do for us - reserving every square inch for invective against Ms McClain. Furthermore - had I not employed a magnifying glass - I wouldn't have been able to see that it was sent by supporters of his campaign, so tiny was the font employed at the foot of the card.

    I know that many believe a negative campaign is effective - sadly for them I am neither unintelligent nor stupid.

    I may not vote for Ms McClain - but certainly will NOT vote for any candidate who is so overtly negative.

    ChrisMay 14, 2010 00:00:00 AM
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