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Sharron Angle, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate
Sharron Angle, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate

AIR DATE: May 20, 2010

Senator Harry Reid faces a number of Republicans vying for his seat, but only one with the stamp of approval from the Tea Party Express. Sharron Angle often touts God and her right to carry a gun. She's catching up to Sue Lowden in the polls. Has her tea party backing turned the tide?

Sharron Angle joins us in the studio to take your calls.

What does Angle really think about taxes, health care, immigration and education?

Is she the "Sarah Palin of Nevada," as one Wall Street Journal writer asked? If not, who is?

Does she have the necessary experience for Capitol Hill?

What questions do you have for Sharron Angle?

Sharron Angle, Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate
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    I have not heard Ms. Angle state that she would take a pay cut in her salary or benefits should she become senator to support her views of a spoiled public/economy.
    VictoriaSep 8, 2010 19:50:50 PM
    Well, you naysayers....the feds have spent all of our medicare $$ and they are broke. So, why shouldn't the idea of privatizing work? We privatized the phone companies (in our state it was Mich. Bell) and everyone said, oh my heavens, we can't do that, the prices will go right through the roof. Well, more than a decade later, look at all the states that have done that, and the competition w/cell phone companies. Privatization works, but those who don't want it are the dems in Washington, and the unions.
    kerri TangAug 1, 2010 15:39:44 PM
    Remember when the state government sent us all a few hundred dollars in refunds because we had too much of a surplus. Nevadans had been taxed too much and our Republican administration wanted to give us our money back. That "rainy day" money would sure come in handy today. What does Sharon think of that decision?
    Craig MillerMay 19, 2010 21:47:09 PM
    Harry Reid water boarded our economy? What the hell does that mean?
    Craig MillerMay 19, 2010 21:39:48 PM
    She needs to quit feeding ignorant people's fears with untrue facts and only offering meaningless catch phrases as answers. It makes me sick to hear her complain about too much government, when a lack of regulation got us into this mess. Less government = more corporate abuse. BTW, medicare is a government run program, you want to get rid of that too?*

    *This comment has been edited for reasons of civility.

    ShawnMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    Sharon Angle just said she did not vote for the salary increase (first hour interview). A caller just said he did his homework and she DID vote for the pay raise. Sue Lowden says Sharon voted yes. What's the truth?
    SusanMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    Please, What is opinion on the recent supreme court decision regarding citizen united? And if you don't like it would you support an amendment to the consititution to correct it and also have you signed a petetion to push the advancement of such an amendment.
    SteveMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    Why does the Commerce Clause, which the Supreme Court has determined gives Congress the right to govern interstate commerce, not allow for governing National Health Care since that care crosses state lines?

    And do you recognize the fact that private companies, not the national government, provides health care under the new National Health Care law?

    JamesMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    I'd like to know her suggestion for a 28 year old part time father of 2 who cannot afford health care? How should I receive care when I've been denied from Welfare, or coverage from insurance agencies that are beyond my budget?

    Should I go to an emergency room?

    I don't mind paying taxes for dmv, healthcare etc... tax breaks for the rich is a large part of what got us where we are no in this defiect.

    AnthonyMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    Where does she get her numbers of 1% increase for Senior cost, and 15% reduction in health care quality?
    KevinMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    I think that the drastic increases in federal programs are alarming to most Americans. There is a simple explanation for this - Americans realize that eventually, if spending continues to increase, tax increases will be inevitable.

    I pay my taxes, I am willing to fund many government programs, however, I am at my limit. I do not want to pay MORE taxes. So I am paying very close attention to political races and looking for fiscal conservatives, including Tea Party candidates. Sharron Angle is the candidate for US Senate who has the conservative record.

    ClorindaMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    Ms. Angle says she wants government to stay out of people's lives. What are her views on choice/abortion?
    BonnieMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    What is your position on Yucca Mountain. Do you see Yucca Mountain as a permanent storage facility, or do your see Yucca Mountain as an opportunity for Nevada to take the lead in Nuclear Science and the development and reuse of spent nuclear fuel?
    JohnMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    You keep stating that the founding fathers were right in matters involving government. Would you agree that the founding fathers were wrong in a number of their ideas regarding government, including their idea that women, minorities, and white men who did not own property should not be allowed to vote?
    JimMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    Ms. Angle should be corrected for not knowing that we do NOT pay taxes on groceries. My question is, Nevada is doing a whole lot of cutting right now because our tax system is based on tourism and growth. Not much more can be cut. Would she like to see the Federal Govt cut to such an extent that it could not help NV in the time of need?

    Also.. how would she handle the uninsured, who are taxing us like crazy when they use the ER? And how would she pay for roads without the privilege tax on car registration, and the gas tax? Taxes are the price we oay to live in the greatest country on Earth, and she plowed right through your announcer's statement that taxes are lower than they've been in 50 years.

    The only people I hear complaining about taxes are the wealthy. Sharron Angle wants government of the rich people, by the rich people and for the rich people.

    DeborahMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    I agree with you. I have been ill for a while and am on social security disability and when I hear how she wants considers that welfare.. It must be extremely happy for her since she is wealthy and her rich friends have no fear of losing jobs, food, home, medical, cars, living on the streets. She has raised alot of money for her campaign, why not use it for those less fortunate, to give them shelter, food, nnnnoooo, she would rather use it on controversial ads and blame Harry Reid for things that lets call a spade a spade economy that was blown to Hades by the last President, oh what was his name oh yes George W. Bush, who got angry, because his Daddy was offended. If he had of let well enough alone and gone after the one person responsible for the attack we would possible be in a better position then we are with the Rich getting richer and the poorer getting poor...middle class...what is that. Mrs. Angle why not give some of your money to the needy and take a pay cut. What is you answer?
    ToniSep 13, 2010 12:33:25 PM
    Please ask the candidates how they will go about stopping American corporations from depriving the America people over 60 billion dollars in taxes by moving to other countries.

    They all seem to want to reduce taxes, but fail to mention above.


    MarilynMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    It is enlightening and rather exciting to hear Ms Angle speak about the excessive spending that has plagued our public employees. They have created a clear division with public employees living at an extreme advantage over their private counterparts.

    In addition how can funding expenditures be redirected towards the positive elements in our communities such as education and the forwarding of scientific advancements and away from the pandering to excessive social welfare programs.

    JosephMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    Does she realize that cutting the salaries for the czars really won't save us much money? That they have been there since Reagan? That they actually are very useful? Eliminating all the departments she wants to makes no sense.
    AidaMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    How do we justify social security? Is that not a federal mandate. And are you willing to deny emergency medical service to those who can not afford it?
    LynnMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    I know you think the new AZ immigration law is a good thing.

    Tell me why this law is not another GOP big government solution to the problem.

    Tell me why this is not another GOP unfunded mandate that is forced down the throats of the counties and cities to pay for as several AZ chiefs of police have said.

    Will you support raising taxes to pay for this GOP unfunded mandate.

    EdMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    There is no credible evidence that marijuana is addictive or dangerous. Someone should explain to this woman how science works and what it means to publish a study in a peer reviewed academic publication versus some guy in a lab coat paid by conservative interests.
    mortimorMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    How can they let her get away with saying such nonsense regarding the constitution and not call her on it. 1st amendment: When Bush had people arrested for wearing anti-Bush t-shirts where was she? 4th amendment: When the Patriot Act allowed the government the right to spy on Americans, where was she? 5th amendment: When the Patriot Act allowed the government to detain US citizens indefinitely (like Jose Padilla), where was she? And no where in the constitution does it say that the US is a capitalist country.
    mortimorMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    I have been listening to Sharron Angle this morning, and though she SOUNDS lucid enough, I found her to be intellectually moribund Her statement that the huge tax cuts that were enacted by President George W. Bush had no effect upon the resulting fiscal deficit beggars belief She has an extraordinarily poor grasp of the facts....
    ChrisMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    Is Sharron is so conservative -- how come she voted to raise her own pay 3 times as a legislator?
    RandyMay 19, 2010 09:49:37 AM
    Angle just admitted that she does not have the "head" to figure out a solution for health care, yet she says that the National Health Care Law is a bad idea. All she can do is complain about the ideas already out there and make snide comments about others like her who serve in government!
    Jim in HendersonMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    Where does she get her figures on Health Care of 1% cost increase and 15% Quality Decrease?
    Kevin FloorMay 19, 2010 09:41:18 AM
    I would ask this candidate to please go and do some homework on how much people in the US are actually taxed. She was just complaining about taxes gas, as an example, when the gas tax cannot even maintain the terrible state of our highways currently. Zero base budgeting is a good thing but it is not a solution. Please remind her that the Laffer curve has never been proven to really California is now finding out. I am not suggesting that spending should not be should. But if you don't make enough money at your job, what do you do? The first thing you do is look for a new job, you cut your spending, and increase your revenue. Governments' only source of revenue is tax without the other will only worsen the state of affairs that we see now.
    KirkMay 19, 2010 00:00:00 AM
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