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Joe Heck, Republican candidate for Congressional District 3
Joe Heck, Republican candidate for Congressional District 3

AIR DATE: May 25, 2010

Former Nevada State Senator Joe Heck is looking to take on Dina Titus for District 3. He's got political experience and backing from some top members in D.C. But first, he has to win the Republican primary. The doctor talks about taxes, special interests in Washington& and what he really thinks about health care. Do you have a question for Joe Heck? Call 258-3552 or e-mail

Joe Heck is running against Ed Bridges, Steven Nohrden and Brad Lord-Leutwyler in the Republican primary for Congressional District 3.

Joe Heck, Republican candidate for Congressional District 3

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What are you talking about? You are not being specific? Have you looked at the regulations and which one would you change, improve or amend - specifically what would you do or which one would you change We have just had an oil spill - lets talk about that? Have you seen the regulations that pertain to the oil industry, if so, be specific what would you change. If you have not read that, then I am definitely not voting for you because that shows me you do not have in depth knowledge on any issues in DC.

On the issue of birth right - we could say the same thing about your grandfather - your great grand parents also did the same thing - they came here to give birth so hat are you complaining about.

ThandiMay 20, 2010 00:00:00 AM
Flat tax, are you kidding me?! You believe there is merit to the idea of taxing your college-aged daughters the same amount as yourself? If you think that makes sense then you've already lost my vote.
LeahMay 20, 2010 10:34:00 AM
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