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Congresswoman Dina Titus candidate for Congressional District 3
Congresswoman Dina Titus candidate for Congressional District 3

AIR DATE: May 26, 2010

Congresswoman Dina Titus is a Democrat up for re-election this year. Should she be worried about the Republican momentum or Tea Party movement? What has she done while she's been in office? And what will she do in Washington if she does get re-elected? How can she improve things for the hard-hit economy of Southern Nevada? This is your chance to ask Representative Dina Titus. Join the conversation below.

Dina Titus, Representative for Congressional District 3
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    Prevailing Wage, are pay rates required by all government entities, for example (I'm in the Landscape Industry)a landscape laborer doing work for private industry make $10 per hour or less, the same landscape laborer working on a Clark County Park (or any government job) is required to be paid prevailing wage approx. $40 per hour. This happens with all the trades. My understanding for the reason government require prevailing wage is to allow union contractor to be competitive with non-union for government work. However the construction Costs for government projects would be cut by at least 30% if prevailing wage rates were not in effect.
    Kevin FloorMay 25, 2010 00:00:00 AM
    Ms. Titus, My husband is active duty military and we are finding ourselves in a situation that you just described - we will be leaving Las Vegas soon and are stuck owning a home worth half what we paid for it. We did not have an exotic mortgage or buy a home outside of what we could afford. Could you please go more in depth and discuss the program you are sponsoring to help those in our situation?
    JessicaMay 25, 2010 00:00:00 AM
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