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Tea Leaves: Forecasting the US Senate Primary Race
Tea Leaves: Forecasting the US Senate Primary Race

AIR DATE: June 17, 2010

Bartering for chickens. Winning the Tea Party endorsement. Campaign finance rules, and voter turnout..The primary is less than a week away, and Republican candidates for US Senate are fighting for the lead in the final stretch.

* Who has the edge?
* Who might win?
* Who can beat Harry Reid in November?

Political pundits debate who is - or isn't - a true contender.

Jump into the conversation now and throw your questions or comments at our pundits. Post your thoughts in the comment field below.

Jon Ralston, Host of "Face to Face," KVBC-Channel 3
Steve Sebelius, Editor, Las Vegas City Life, and Slash Politics
Elizabeth Crum, Editor, Nevada News Bureau

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Most incumbents - especially Harry Reid, in my opinion - are part of the problem and should be voted out. Unfortunately, the potential replacements seem equally bad in their own ways. Sharon Angle being touted as having a truly "conservative" record? Get serious... her true record is that she voted for the four largest budgets in Nevada state history. So, while I'm definitely looking for new faces in D.C., I'm fairly sure that I can't with a clear conscience vote for any of them.
TomJun 3, 2010 18:59:20 PM
"Senate Majority Leader" Shumer or Durbin will be the next majority leader no matter the outcome of the NV senate race. Reid's legacy: NV first in nation in foreclosures NV second in nation in unemployment NV 30,000 bankruptcies a year and growing Reid has abandoned NV.
FreeNevadaJun 2, 2010 11:52:49 AM
Sue Lowden represents the Nevadan aristocracy. Sharon speaks for a group of Johnny-come-lately anti-government yahoos with unrealistic ideas. Danny is just awful on every topic. Your Dad coached some great ball players 20 years. I want your family out of politics. More importantly, why would Nevadans, who are represented by the Senate Majority Leader, want someone else? Our guy is the President's right hand man. ANY other candidate will get nothing done for Nevada. Period. It's a matter of experience in Washington.
MichaelJun 2, 2010 09:22:00 AM
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