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Watching the World Cup in Las Vegas
Watching the World Cup in Las Vegas

AIR DATE: June 14, 2010

The World Cup kicks off Friday, June 11 and some immigrant communities have a unique perspective on the event. Mexicans will see their country play South Africa in the inaugural game. We talk with four observers of Mexican community in Las Vegas to get their take on what the World Cup means to immigrants who love soccer, and find themselves far from their places of birth and glued to the TV.

Is watching World Cup on TV in the US the same as watching Mexico, or anywhere else in the soccer-mad world? How is it different? And how do thousands get on with their daily lives during what has been called the world's most important cultural event?

Chris Roman, General Manager, Univision Las Vegas
Atzimba Luna, Community Liaison, Mexican Consulate in Las Vegas
Alonzo Flores, Master Gardener MGM Grand Suites
Timothy Pratt. independent journalist
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