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UNLV Program Cuts
UNLV Program Cuts

AIR DATE: June 22, 2010

On June 3 the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents approved recommended program cuts at UNLV. The fiscally struggling college must now shed its Marriage and Family Therapy, Educational Leadership, Sports Education Leadership and Informatics departments.

Dr. Cecilia Maldonado is part of UNLV's Faculty Alliance and teaches in the Educational Leadership department. She joins us to discuss the impact of the now official departmental cuts at UNLV. If you're a student or faculty member in one these departments we want to hear your thoughts. Post your comments below.

Dr. Cecelia Maldonado, Assoc Prof, Dept of Educational Leadership, UNLV, and Chair, UNLV Faculty Senate, and member of the Nevada Faculty Alliance
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    One of UNLVs fundamental problems is that administrators, in their politically correct quest to make sure that anyone who's breathing can get a degree and to get more state money via a high body count, have for years promoted soft academic standards and created scores of crap degree programs that everyone knows are just illegitimate, non-academic nonsense. Any good university would have never had them in the first place, let alone cry about cutting them. I say, good riddance!
    TomJun 17, 2010 15:52:47 PM
    Eliminating the Educational Leadership program at UNLV is like eating seed corn. This program not only helps train highly competent teachers and administrators to become outstanding but it also, in the process, provides educational services to the local schools and colleges. It would be far better to raise revenue than to kill such a valuable program! And I have never worked as a paid educator in Nevada; I am a senior who had a fine education and realize that this is the key to this state's cultural and economic prosperity.
    Joel Berg, Ph.D.Jun 14, 2010 14:14:21 PM
    While UNLV has given consideration to students already enrolled in the cancelled programs, it gave no consideration to students who would have enrolled in any of these programs this year. The Executive Leadership doctorate starts a new cohort every two years, and people who were planning to begin the program this July may have been waiting for two years. There is a preparation process to enrolling in a graduate program, which includes not only the time and expense of the application process, but modifying ones job responsibilities, and conceivably giving up other career options, to start graduate school. Students planning to begin the CLS program began their studies in preparation two years ago. No consideration was given to any of these students. I question the process UNLV used to make these cuts. All of these graduate programs directly impact the quality of community life here. I think other cuts could have been made, which would have inconvenienced more people but dramatically affected the community less.
    Laura McBrideJun 14, 2010 09:39:42 AM
    Who at UNLV is giving care to the diversity of its faculty / staff and students as these cuts are being made? The Departments of Sports Education Leadership and Education Leadership are the two MOST diverse faculty and student groups within the College and such at UNLV... who is paying attention to this, "fit to mission"?
    Doris L. Watson Assoc. Professor Sports Ed LeadJun 14, 2010 09:18:01 AM
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