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A Conversation with Ishmael Khaldi, Israeli Diplomat
A Conversation with Ishmael Khaldi, Israeli Diplomat

AIR DATE: June 23, 2010

How does a Bedouin Arab become a diplomat for Israel? That's the question that Ishmael Khaldi hears all the time. He admits his story is unusual: an Arab working and fighting for Israel. But "the challenge is to use it and turn it into understanding," he says. Currently an advisor to Israel's foreign affairs minister, Khaldi sits down in our studios for a conversation about politics, foreign relations, and growing up as a shepherd's son on the outskirts of Israel.

Ishmael Khaldi, Policy Advisor to Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel and former Deputy General Consul in San Francisco
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    As a foreign diplomat why is Israel not doing enough to publicize the great works that Israel is doing around the world. For instance, medical personnel were quickly on site in Haiti after the earthquake. No Arab country stepped up like Israel. Hadassah Hospital opens its doors to everyone in the region - Jew, Arab alike and treats Palestinians as well as Israelis with life saving treatments.
    robin wilenJun 30, 2010 09:38:34 AM
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