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Selling Health Reform
Selling Health Reform

AIR DATE: June 23, 2010

Democrats who backed the Health Care Reform Bill have been organizing events to educate the public about the bill's benefits. One such event is taking place in Southern Nevada this Saturday. We speak with the featured speaker Ron Pollack, Executive Director of the patient advocacy group Families USA. We discuss the changes in health care that will soon come into effect. We also discuss the dispute in Congress over funding Medicaid and COBRA payments for the unemployed.

Ron Pollack, Exec Dir, Families USA
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    I am currently receiving health insurance coverage via COBRA. Under the new health law I believe I heard that employer-sponsored COBRA coverage would be extended indefinitely instead of expiring 18 months post separation. Is this true? If so, when does that take effect? Thank you.
    MargaretJun 16, 2010 09:26:13 AM
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