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Candidate Makeovers
Candidate Makeovers

AIR DATE: July 5, 2010

Since she won the Republican Senate primary, Sharron Angle has hired a new ad agency and redone her website. Critics say she's also softening her rhetoric. Journalist Jon Ralston called it a "political makeover." Is she reshaping her image for the general election? Will it appeal to more voters? Where have we seen these political makeovers before? And how do they affect elections? We talk to local campaign consultants, plus a professor who recalls Richard Nixon's "makeover" decades ago. What do you think about candidate makeovers?

Ryan Erwin, Republican political consultant, Ryan Erwin and Associates
Dan Hart, Democratic political consultant, Dan Hart and Associates
David Greenberg, Asso Prof, history and journalism and media studies, Rutgers University; author, Nixon's Shadow: The History of an Image
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    Very thoughtful discussion, I appreciated the candor with which both guests spoke. Though your biases were unmistakable, I could tell you did as much as you could to get academic and outside your eternal pursuit of persuasiveness to shed some light on the behind the scenes process of politics. As much as this probably works against both your career goals (giving voters an insider look at how politics works) you did much tonight to leave us educated and better equipped to understand what is happening. The only drawback was somebody was breathing in the mic the whole time. Step up your game producers, learn some sign language and give these guys a warning.
    JimJul 13, 2010 20:54:46 PM
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