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Las Vegas Health Care
Las Vegas Health Care

AIR DATE: July 1, 2010

The Las Vegas Sun has undertaken a two-year investigation of the quality of medical care in Nevada. It terms the quality of care mediocre and says hospitals are failing to comply with even the most basic requirements of a state law that requires all serious incidents be reported. We talk with Las Vegas Sun Medical Reporter Marshall Allen and patient advocate Helen Haskell.

Marshall Allen, Medical Reporter, Las Vegas Sun
Helen Haskell, founder and president of Mothers Against Medical Error and leader of the Empowered Patient Coalition

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My grandmother, who was a patient at st. rose and didn't speak English, died after being misdiagnossed. My mother, who was an employee at st. rose, was fired when she tried to file a wrongfull death suit. My mother was acting as a translator but was ignored by the doctors.
Alex princeJun 29, 2010 20:36:55 PM
I appreciate your coverage of this story. I read the story online Sunday and am glad to hear a local hospital respond to these allegations. I am glad to hear St. Rose has been compliant based on the laws and regulations in place, which is not the feeling I had after reading the article in the Sun. I have been a patient at St. Rose on two occasions and have had excellent care there. My nurses took time with me and helped me feel comfortable. There is always room for improvement, and I'm glad hospitals are taking steps to improve their processes.
henderson residentJun 29, 2010 14:34:51 PM
4 minutes left so none of my comments will aire. However, I still desire to let you know:

1. A dear friend, Pearl Harbor Vet who was there when it happened, taken to hospital to check respiratory problem, left in hallway unattended, he threw up and swallowed, got in lungs, in hospital long time because of neglect.

2. Another friend (black American)blacklisted from all dialysis centers because she spoke her mind and was demanding, got her help in St. George but she gave up on life and decided to exit this life, stopped dialysis, died over a year ago.

3. Same friend put in "care center" and when we visited the attendants when she started to throw up in reaction to a shot given her didn't move an inch until I went out and yelled at them to help her.

4. Other friends, wife Alzeheimers,was walking before went into "care center" for therapy incident re a fall was doped up so much couldn't get her to wake when I visited. When husband saw what "treatment" they were giving her, removed her and has been trying ever since to rehabilitate her walking! I agree with the caller there is no hospital or care center in the Valley to recommend. Rather, we took our son across the border to St. George.

As someone who has worked in the LV health care field since 1988 I can tell you lots of what fuels Nevada's health care problems is our health care culture. I personally saw bad and even unethical behavior tolerated from some of the very physicians who are in hot water today. This was tolerated for decades simply because "that's the way we do things." Similarly Nevada is resistant to best practices not because hospitals are poorly run but because doctors don't cooperate. Every hospital admission starts with a doctor. If hospitals would not acquiesce so easily- more progress would be made. If you carried a gun into a hospital wouldn't you be arrested? Not if you are a white male surgeon...
shellyJun 28, 2010 10:00:15 AM
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