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Should Women Have Their Own Poker Night?
Should Women Have Their Own Poker Night?

AIR DATE: July 9, 2010

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) ladies event was June 11, and a few men decided to crash the party. One man said he did it to prove a point: that banning men is reverse discrimination. So what's the value of an all-female poker tournament? How do men change the vibe? How do women play poker differently among each other versus with men? Are tells and other poker tricks different between the sexes? A behavioral specialist and poker players from both sides weigh in. What do you think: should women have their own poker night? Join the conversation below.

Maryann Morrison, Managing Ed and Publisher, Woman Poker Player Magazine; Pres, Women's Poker Club; author, Women's Poker Night

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I've played in this event for over a decade, although I find the whole idea of a women-only poker event to be quite silly. Women are perfectly capable of playing in open events, and the idea that they should have an event where they're sheltered from male players is ludicrous. Let the men play, or have a separate men-only event and then the two winners face off
PBJul 16, 2010 14:11:09 PM
There is a difference. Women are way too chatty and their demeanor is different from men. I do not like to play in an all women table/tournament. Men seem to be more serious, it's more competitive. It's not to say men do not joke's just not a social gathering as women consider it.
JaneJul 12, 2010 10:11:35 AM
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