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World Cup-Immigrant Roundtable
World Cup-Immigrant Roundtable

AIR DATE: July 15, 2010

Las Vegas is a city of immigrants--people who came from another country to find a new life in the US. Immigrants bring their hopes and dreams and aspirations. But most human beings also hold a basic desire to connect with others--through traditions, beliefs, language. And the struggle for immigrants in Las Vegas is sometimes a struggle to find these human comforts.

The immigrant story is a story of cultural transition, and transitional identities.

On this program, we talk to individual immigrants who connect with their homeland through the prism of the World Cup. How does soccer, and watching a game halfway around the world, connect immigrants in Las Vegas to their cultural roots? And we hear several individual stories of transition--the ways that individual immigrants have transitioned to living here, and the ways they stay in touch with the cultural identities in a foreign land.

GUESTS (pictured below left to right)
Biniam Negassi, Eritrean-American
Jo Dumic, German citizen
Rosana Santos, Brazilian-American

World Cup Immigrants
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    Come to Brazil. Brazilians love to make friends and Party!
    SoniaJun 1, 2011 07:43:29 AM
    I just love that enterview, specially that one from Brasil, listening the ritms of samba was amazing!!!! I wish I could be there with the brazilians watching those games!!
    Leila gomesJul 8, 2010 20:10:28 PM
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