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Stranger Sojourn
Stranger Sojourn

AIR DATE: July 14, 2010

Utah has two opposing immigration plans before them, one in the spirit of Arizona's SB 1070 and another that supports illegal residents in the state. We talk to authors on both proposals and two Utahans who don't see eye to eye on the immigration issues.

Paul Mero, President The Sutherland Inst
Marty Carpenter, spokesman, Salt Lake Chamber
Stephen Sandstrom, Utah State Rep (R-Orem)
Eli Cawley, Chair of the Board of Directors, Utah Minuteman Project
Tony Yapias, Dir, Proyecto Latino de Utah
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    I'm disgusted by all the talk "illegal aliens" and how they are to blame for the states and country's woes. Illegal immigrants are the result of "American citizens" providing work for them. If we enforced our laws addressing hiring illegals then there would not be any motivation to come here. If you have an infestation you address the cause not the symptoms
    danny mulcahyJul 12, 2010 09:59:54 AM
    The one thing that I have not heard addressed in the entire immigration discussion so far is the exhorbitant cost of immigrating legally. A Mexican attempting to come to the U.S. legally to work must spend thousands of dollars (not to mention wait up to 10 years) in order to do so. The Mexican government charges fees on their side on top of the general paperwork fees that the U.S. charges. For many in Mexico "thousands of dollars" is just not an option. There need to be more programs for Mexicans to come to this country to work legally, pay taxes legally, and go back to Mexico if they want to, all legally. Rather than demonizing the Mexican people as criminals that just want our stuff (which is ridiculous), maybe we should look at the laws in place and see where those laws do not meet the needs of either country and fix that.
    AmyJul 12, 2010 09:47:45 AM

    No one is demonizing Mexicans, more to the point, anyone who wants to come here. We have the laws and charges that are involved with immigration to this country and it might be unfortunate that some people might not be able to afford those fees, it is ultimately not our problem. There are many people who can pay these fees and are waiting to immigrate legally. Ultimately, the fundamental reason so many want to come here is that the Government of Mexico is not meeting its responsibility to provide the economic conditions that will provide jobs and security within Mexico to meet the aspirations of Mexican citizens. However, I don't think this whole discussion is about Mexicans: This is about all immigrants.

    KirkAug 17, 2010 09:12:10 AM
    Please: Don't do us any favors. If migrant labor doesn't want to pick the fruit, then don't do so. There is nothing compelling you to come here illegally and then to complain about the results of that choice. What would happen if there was no immigrant labor is the price of fruit would go up. That would probably be a good thing overall for more of the results of the farmers would remain in the local economy. Be sure, just as Arizona s law is a result of the Federal government failure to enforce its laws, this law is the same thing: this will be moved against by the Federal government the same way for there is no legal way right now for a state to deal with immigration questions for the country. For example, is Utah going to assume the responsibility of getting the workers from the border to Utah and then back out? Quality of life for all Utahns should be for all Utahns. Has your speaker ever calculated the amount of money that is sent out of the state vs what the workers consume, if that is even the question (it is not). Please, you have to understand that currently anyone who is here without a visa is illegal: please check on what illegal means.
    KirkJul 12, 2010 09:17:57 AM
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