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Canyon Ridge Christian Mission in Uganda
Canyon Ridge Christian Mission in Uganda

AIR DATE: July 14, 2010

The Canyon Ridge Christian Church is one of the largest megachurches in Southern Nevada. It has created a missionary partnership with Martin Ssempa - a Ugandan pastor who advocates abstinence only to control AIDS. He has also been closely associated with the law to jail and even execute gays in Uganda. We talk with Democratic activist Derek Washington who thinks the Canyon Ridge congregation is unaware of the extreme positions taken by its missionary partner.

Derek Washington, Pres, Stonewall Democrats of Southern Nevada
Tyler Egeland, member, Canyon Ridge Christian Church

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All these are lies about Martin Ssempa.Please come down to Uganda and see the real Martin.Ssempa.Our bill in Uganda is targeting Pedophillia i.e mollesting of young boys.But the lies of Warren Throckmoton and other bloggers all over the world have conviced the whole of America that Martin is busy hunting down Gays and killing them.These are all LIES!!!!
Martin.MugishaJul 20, 2010 07:41:20 AM
For anyone interested in the official response of the church, including a video from Pastor Odor, please check this link:
MikeJul 18, 2010 13:52:13 PM
I couldn't call in or email during the discussion, but if Canyon Ridge wants to reach people for Christ in Uganda, they should consider funding Hope 4 Kids, International. They are a mission outreach active in Uganda and many other countries. They build hospitals, schools, clinics, and churches, supply food, vitamins, medications, vaccinations, shoes, clothes, mosquito netting, dig wells, and builder sewer systems. This helps the kids, villages, and every one concerned, all without condemnation, hate, or discrimination, and in the loving name of God!
Leslie ZakJul 15, 2010 12:10:10 PM
I just spent a little bit on Canyon Ridge's website while listening to the broadcast, and it didn't answer a question I have: What is the church's position on homosexuality and/or its interpretation of that as a sin? Does either of the guests know?

There is a lot on the Canyon Ridge website about "community" and welcoming everyone. However, there's also a bit about humans being imperfect and needing god.

(Here's a clip from their "doctrinal beliefs" section: "4. We believe that every person has worth as a creation of God, but all have sinned and fall short of God's perfection, making union with God by human effort impossible.")

So, is homosexuality, in Canyon Ridge's view, one of these "imperfections" that requires God's grace to "fix"?

If so, it's a slippery slope from there to Sempa's views, isn't it?

Heidi [via email]Jul 15, 2010 10:46:27 AM
I am a member at CRCC and attended services this weekend - I am still on the fence at to my support - I have read some of the stories about Martin and his comments are disgusting and I definitely question his sincerity in his "change of heart" - but I do appreciate the fact that Kevin and the staff are withholding final judgement until they are fully sure that Martin is still the person that the media is labeling him, because by withholding support of the aids Mission in Uganda we are ultimately hurting so many people in need in the region.
LindaJul 15, 2010 10:29:57 AM
Martin Ssempa still promotes the life sentence for homosexual acts. Did the pastor inform his congregation of this?

Since the church supports what Ssempa is doing, the church is responsible for what he is doing.

ObserverJul 15, 2010 10:22:44 AM
I see the story was to run July 9? When can i hear it now and what show was it on?
Leslie Fox-PriestJul 12, 2010 08:44:15 AM
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