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Brian Sandoval on Education
Brian Sandoval on Education

AIR DATE: July 16, 2010

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval just released his long awaited education plan. So how does it stack up against the Rory Reid Plan? We talk to Brian Sandoval about his plans to overhaul Nevada's education system.

Brian Sandoval, Republican candidate for Governor
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    Well said.

    Nevada education needs some big changes. It's not about changing the teachers, its about changing the system. Teachers need to stop getting worked up about losing their jobs. Its not going to happen - we need you. Be adaptable. Teachers that don't think the system needs to change have no place educating my children.

    I believe that as under performing as Nevada schools are, they can improve with their current staffs, given the right leadership. That's all Sandoval is talking about. Anyone who is truly committed to their profession would not be fazed by any of the components of Sandoval's plan, but welcome them as a chance to do their jobs better.

    JamesJul 14, 2010 18:49:21 PM
    If Mr. Sandaval agrees to receive merit pay for the office of Governor, paid according to how Nevada ranks against other states, my wife and I will agree to teach in a merit pay system. Just as long as he gets to see first hand how it feels to walk into a desperate situation and have your own livlihood tied to problems you didn't cause, and circumstances you can't directly overcome. Agree to merit pay Mr. Sandaval, for you and all your staff, or you are a hypocrit and not worth your salt, nor our vote.
    JimJul 14, 2010 10:41:11 AM
    If Mr. Sandoval was as respectful of teachers as he claims to be, he would have teachers (as well as students) heavily involved in reform, because we are the experts. No teacher in his/her right mind would support pay based on student performance. Would you want to be paid based on how students perform, regardless of student aptitude (IQ), absenteeism, behavior, parental support, whether or not the student will do homework, etc.? It is very obvious to me that Mr. Sandoval's "respect" for teachers is fake, empty rhetoric. It's a type of "respect" teachers can live without. "I'm not going to indict the public school system in the state of Nevada..." When you suggest teacher pay based on student performance, you ARE indicting the school system, Mr. Sandoval. Duh.
    KrisOJul 14, 2010 10:27:56 AM
    Ending teacher tenure would have very predictable results: older, more experienced, more expensive teachers would be canned in favor of younger, cheaper teachers. Anybody with half a brain and teaspoon of common sense should be able to foresee that.
    KrisOJul 14, 2010 10:16:47 AM
    Choice and accountability? A good read on the reality of these wonderful terms. "The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education" by Diane Ravitch. A great historian who has worked with all administrations in the White House since Regan.
    Bryan Jul 14, 2010 10:09:18 AM
    Sandoval doesn't know how to use adverbs. It is NOT "looked real close at education:; it's looked REALLY close. Looked is a verb, really modifies the verb, it is an adverb. The word 'real' is an adjective, as opposed to the work 'fake'....sheesh! This guy want's to criticize education????
    lglismannJul 14, 2010 10:07:08 AM
    If this man is elected - and I sure won't be voting for him - I will attempt to leave my at-risk-type school to teach in Summerlin or Green Valley, or get out of the CCSD, or get out of teaching altogether and go into some sort of medical field. Mr. Sandoval should show us all how it's done if he thinks teachers should be paid based on student performance. He should be required to teach for a few years in a low-performing school and be paid according to his plan. Here are two links he should look at: and,0,857642.story. I don't think I can continue to listening to this. I have heard some good things about his plan, such as ending or cutting way down on social promotion. However, the idea of paying teachers based on student performance is woefully misguided, and shows how ridiculously out of touch he is - another clueless "expert" who has big plans even though he obviously grasps little of what teaching is actually like. He will cost the state, and cause all sorts of upheaval, and kids with IQs of 80 will still have IQs of 80...
    artiJul 14, 2010 10:07:07 AM
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