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Kindness of Strangers
Kindness of Strangers

AIR DATE: July 21, 2010

Remember the days when a driver would stop and help someone with a flat tire? Or when someone would buy a homeless stranger a hot meal? What happened to those days? Do people still reach out to others? Two college filmmakers are traveling the United States and testing out the kindness of strangers, and they tell us what they found in Nevada. Do you reach out to help others? Or have you faced tough times, and has someone been kind to you? Are there any stories that really touched your heart? In this recession, where are we seeing the kindness of strangers? Share your story with us below.

Sarah Sellman, documentary filmmaker, American Bear

Pastor Robert Fowler, Sr Pastor, Victory Missionary Baptist Church
Linda Lera-Randle El, Founder and Exec Dir, Straight From the Streets
Alicia Farrow, Founder, Acts of Kindness

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I've been doing FREE HUGS with the Las Vegas Peace Project and "Fun and Fit Meetup of Las Vegas" for three years. I highly encourage everyone to join in on this simple but profoundly enjoyable sharing of a hug (it works for both people in the hug). All it takes is a sign and the willingness to be present to hug someone. On any given day, about 15% of people say I really needed that. It's all about the person and moment.

For more information:
Enjoy, and hug somebody.

DavidJul 21, 2010 14:11:35 PM
The popularity of "Pay It Forward" was born in Las Vegas so doesn't that reflect the kind of person that lives in our great valley? It was made popular by the movie of the same name based on a true story that happened in Las Vegas.
Carl [via email]Jul 21, 2010 10:29:19 AM
I have a bit different perspective on helping the homeless by giving them money than the guests on the radio today. While my first choice is to look around for a place to buy them a meal, I will give people money often. I realized that it is not for me to judge them and that giving is more about my willingness to share MY blessings with others and about my spiritual growth as a human being. In the end, it is about experiencing the gratitude and humility that I am ABLE to share (I have sometimes been in a very shaky place financially myself, but I have more resources usually than the person on the street). So in a weird way, it is selfish of me to give to others. One time, I brought a large man into Quiznos and he turned to me to ask what he could get and I told him, "get whatever you want". I immediately thought to myself that he was going to order the most expensive thing on the menu. My next thought was "am I ok with that" and I decided the answer was "yes". When he arrived at the counter he did just that. But the look and words of gratitude from him afterward, caused me to reflect on the experience and cry tears of love and gratitude all the way home.
Lauriann BradfordJul 21, 2010 10:16:48 AM
Great topic today ! It is very uplifting to hear such wonderful stories of human kindness, it makes such a welcome change from the usual torrent of essentially bad news... I have been doing various things to help the homeless in our valley (something I feel very strongly about) - your program today inspired me to re-double my efforts.
ChrisJul 21, 2010 10:02:36 AM
When I lived in San Diego I was at a gas station and saw a group of people needing a ride home because their vehicle died. After starting to pull away I decided to help them and picked them up. While driving them home I called their VW Bus a van, several times, and rather than thanking me for the ride I drew their ire for misrepresenting their vehicle.
Aaron OseasJul 21, 2010 09:27:07 AM
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