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Conservative Bloggers' Conference
Conservative Bloggers' Conference

AIR DATE: July 26, 2010

Talk about dueling blogs! Progressive bloggers are holding their annual conference (Netroots Nation, formerly YearlyKos) right next door to the conservative bloggers' convention (RightOnline). The director of RightOnline and the Editor-in-chief of offer their insights about the power of the Internet. How has the political landscape changed thanks to blogging? What issues are hot online right now? (Immigration anyone?) The Democrats used online networking to their advantage in 2008... so how can conservatives use the Web to motivate the voting masses? Share your thoughts below.

The 2010 RightOnline Conference runs July 23-24 at the Venetian. It's held by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Speakers will include Judge Andrew Napolitano, Sharron Angle, and Representatives Mike Pence and Michelle Bachmann, among others.

Eric Telford, Exec Dir, RightOnline; Deputy Dir of Communications, Americans for Prosperity
Erick Erickson, Ed-in-chief,; Political Analyst, CNN

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I was wearing a Wilkie buttom before most of your grandparents even had sex .So don't talk about coversative to me.The damn party should be renamed the Popes party.The Saviour from Texas and all the other Jimmy Baker look a likes are trying to sound like they have a pipeline to the lord.I agree with some one in the Ike family "like to have my party back"The abortion plank needs to be removed from this partys platform and the church crowd told to form their own party.If you want to get crushed keep preaching this crap.Its the womans body and not some man standing on a soap box trying to preach a sermon.Sara Palin is the death of the party and any one that doesn't believe that doesn't know much about this country.If you want a solgan preach the peaceful division of the country with a lose confederation for defense.I would fight for Scotland before i would fight for Calf.or some preacher trying to become president.
Joe MortonJun 21, 2011 05:20:34 AM
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