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Parental Involvement
Parental Involvement

AIR DATE: July 26, 2010

Does a great education start in the home or in the classroom? Research has shown that when parent's are involved in their child's education students generally do better academically, stay in school longer and like school more. But how is Clark County getting more parents involved? And are parents in the district doing enough to get involved with their kid's education?

We continue our summer series on education with a look at parental involvement. How well can students do without a strong parental presence in their educations? And what about the parents who simply can't be involved because of full time job or other constraints? And how much can any given school district do to facilitate strong involvement of a parent?

We'd like to hear from parents and teachers. What are your thoughts? What are the biggest roadblocks to being involved in your student's education? And for teachers what has proven to work and not work when trying to get parents involved? You can post your comments below.

Catherine Jordan, Program Mgr, SEDL (formerly the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory)
Dave Flatt, State Treas, NV PTA; and CCSD parent
Jeffrey I. Gelfer, PhD, Prof of Special Ed and Early Childhood Ed, UNLV
Brenton Lago, Principal, Mendoza Elementary School
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    There's lots of bla bla bla about parental involvement, by which I mean words implying that parents who spend a lot of time at school, who raise money for it and make friends with school personnel are good parents because they're involved. Not enough attention is given however to what the research shows: that more subtle kinds of involvement like parents' expectations for their kids and communication with them are what affect kids' success in school the most. Can I direct you to an article I wrote on that topic? It's at Another is at Keep up the good work, Kathy
    Kathy SealJul 30, 2010 15:09:17 PM
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