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 La Mission and the man's role in preventing violence
La Mission and the man's role in preventing violence

AIR DATE: August 16, 2010

In the new film 'La Mission' the street tough ex-convict Che Rivera played by Benjamin Bratt has to overcome his alcoholic past to win back the love of his estranged son after beating and disowning him for being gay.

The film's producers are releasing the movie in Las Vegas this weekend in conjunction with the Nevada Coalition Against Sexual Violence to create awareness about sexual assault and violence prevention in the community and to highlight what a man's role is in preventing violence of all kinds.

So what is a man's role in preventing violence? We talk with two violence prevention activists and two stars of the film.

Andrea Sundberg, Exec Dir, NV Coalition Against Sexual Violence
Erica Alexander, plays 'Lena' in "La Mission"
Jeremy Valdez, plays 'Jes' in "La Mission"
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    I agree with the above comment from Jose. Not only are men the victims of physical and emotional abuse by women, homosexual men (and lesbian women) are also victims of domestic violence. It is shocking to me, with the homosexual content in the film, that this question is being raised without considering domestic abuse in the lgbtq community.
    oliviaJul 23, 2010 20:36:22 PM
    Wow... I am so glad La Mission is playing in town! A few months ago, plans to see it at the Palm Springs film festival were interrupted by illness and I missed it... so, I sent the trailer to some friends in Southern California w/the mention they should see it and the lament it would probably never play in Las Vegas. Also, I feel great resonance having lived in the Mission district in San Francisco and having met Peter Bratt in the Midwest (Nebraska) when he came to introduce another of his great films  Follow Me Home. Im a supporter/happy to see his evolution. Hes got compassion-intelligence and is a wonderful/talented filmmaker. Good work NV Coalition and the folks responsible for bringing it here. Looking forward to seeing it (and bringing friends).
    kamillahJul 23, 2010 09:41:31 AM
    Your guests speak of wanting to bring men into the issue, yet by continually speaking of domestic violence in a male against female paradigm, they ostracize that segment of men who have been harmed by women in their lives. I came home from a marriage where my ex-wife was emotionally and physically abusive. You talk about secrets and shame, feeling like a man when your honey comes at you with a knife... I found no support in my community. If you want more men involved, recognize and support their needs, too.
    JoseJul 23, 2010 09:20:03 AM
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