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Building the I-11
Building the I-11

AIR DATE: August 4, 2010

Tom Skancke, president of The Skancke Company and transportation consultant to the LVCVA says now is the time to focus on building Interstate 11. The proposed freeway would connect Phoenix and Las Vegas and be part of a redesigned Boulder City bypass. But who would benefit from this highway? And how will it be funded? Tom Skancke joins us to discuss how and why we should build the I-11.

Tom Skancke, president of The Skancke Company
Robert Puentes, Senior Fellow, Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program

Bob Hazlett, Senior Engineer, Maricopa Association of Governments
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    re: the boondoggle now called Interstate idea looking for justification when the logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead!

    there is so much really wrong with this whole plan one does not know where to begin! I think a map is a good place to start...haul one out and have tom skancke show you where all these vast stretches of two-lane highway on 93/95/163/68/40/17 and 74 are! Then we need to separate out freight traffic issues from personal travel issues. then we need to discuss why highway freight is preferable over rail from guaymas to phoenix and las vegas...did anyone talk to the railways for input on this?

    i can testify that it is about five hours of excellent road from las vegas to phoenix...i go by way of laughlin now...not due to road conditions which are fine...but due to the bridge work and congestion over hoover dam which will be solved when the bridge is completed! some sort of bypass around the 93/40 connection at kingman is certainly justified...but the rest, i am afraid, is a concoction of old imperial thinking!

    if guaymas ever materializes (a big if!), an improved and modernized rail freightline might well be in order.

    dave hamiltonJul 27, 2010 11:45:17 AM
    First, there are current plans to expand the interstate system to connect other metropolitan areas in the US: areas which are not as large, and not growing as fast as the Las Vegas-Phoenix area. So the first task is not to find funding for a new project, but re-direct funds from another, less important project

    Second, Improving US93 to be the new I-11, will increase commercial and tourism traffic between the two regions. A previous caller already admitted to driving to Phoenix via Laughlin because of the current condition of the roadway. This will solve that problem by shortening the trip, and therefore saving fuel.

    The limiting factor for tourism in Las Vegas is not water, nor hotel rooms. It is our transportation system. We are near the limits of airport capacity and anyone traveling to southern California on the weekend will know that I-15 is certainly at capacity. We need to do what we can to increase tourism to Las Vegas by improving the access.

    KennethJul 27, 2010 09:51:12 AM
    An interstate is not needed in this corridor - there is no real demand. Do it say around the Dam and maybe past Kingman - and a few selected areas. The rest - I say not. Need to place emphasis on rail - even a traditional Amtrak train which could be run 90 to 100 miles an hour. Ok, so the water is not there - we are not going to stay viable unless we ruin northern Nevada.
    Rev. Thomas PerlJul 27, 2010 09:38:15 AM
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