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Ely City and White Pine County: Will They Consolidate?
Ely City and White Pine County: Will They Consolidate?

AIR DATE: July 29, 2010

The White Pine County wants the county to consolidate with the city of Ely... but Ely isn't too happy about the idea. The Ely City Council thinks the White Pine measure is inappropriate, and could eventually force Ely to disincorporate. So why push for consolidation? What's the advantage? And why might it wipe Ely off the map? Also, is this a precursor for incorporation here in Clark County?

Kevin Briggs, Ely City Attorney
Gary Perea, White Pine County Commissioner

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At a time when revenues have been down 25% over the last year the City of Ely is being responsible and cutting back. Meanwhile, White Pine County is going full speed ahead with a 2.5 million dollar Emergency Response Complex with no real plan on how to pay for it. And the County wants to take over the city?
Wyatt CoxAug 3, 2010 22:41:39 PM
This is not an isolated issue in Nevada. Some consolidation of county and city services in the past was primarily for purposes of efficiency, such as the law that authorized the creation of Metropolitan police departments in Nevada. And Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman still supports full metropolitan government for Clark County to both better coordinate services as well as to foster growth and development. But increasingly communities want some sort of autonomy in one form or another and I see no provision here for the creation of county boroughs or the like. And this is most probably the motivated more by fiscal issues and the desire to distribute tax revenues more widely during an economic downturn, much as is currently the case with a similar, but not identical proposal with Incline Village vis a vis Reno and Washoe County.
Jordan RossJul 29, 2010 10:25:14 AM
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