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Laurie Bisch
Laurie Bisch

AIR DATE: July 28, 2010

Laurie Bisch is a 16 year veteran of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and this year she runs for Clark County Sheriff for the second time. She joins us to discuss her candidacy, her perceptions of what's working and what's not at Metro, and her feelings about recent officer-related shootings.

Laurie Bisch, police officer, LVMPD
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    IMHO, there aren't many people that could work a graveyard shift and then submit to a question and answer radio interview (for almost hour) and perform with such aplomb.

    I hope you took the time to listen to her interview; please pass it around. I also hope that you'll join me in helping her get elected sheriff of Clark County! Doug Gillespie does not Deserve a second term; he has run Metro's ship aground and now must be relieved of his command.

    Dave Freeman
    LVMPD Sergeant retired
    31 years of service, P#282

    David A. FreemanJul 29, 2010 23:58:26 PM
    Why aren't the officers who shot erik scott in the back in jail???
    timJul 29, 2010 05:08:32 AM
    "After 16 years she is still a patrolman? a) Why (no interest in advancing? b) What qualification does such a worms-eye view give her to become the sheriff (i.e. no experience with complexities of budgeting etc) "

    I respect the fact that she is not a higher ranked officer. To me that means she's not a politician, she's a cop that deals daily with the real world. Far to many big city police chiefs are not connected with the real world and are often just puppets of the elitist class because that's how they climbed the ladder in the first place and it all they know.

    Jim FullerJul 29, 2010 03:29:40 AM
    Laurie very professional the way u handled the incident in the alley, when u had to draw your weapon. Good to analyze and assess the situation and not escalate it. If all police were as professional as u. the Citizens Would be behind the police 100% .
    The ProfitJul 28, 2010 10:41:05 AM
    A week after the Scott shooting the news said the D "The police said they have not looked at the tape yet." The only one who believes this is sheriff G. Just ask him. Police have no integrity.
    The ProfitJul 28, 2010 10:19:07 AM
    The police investigate the police. Anything wrong with this picture?

    This is why the evidence is tampered with.

    Example the video tape of shooting at Costco should be on Youtube for everyone to see and judge.

    We will never see it.

    The Profit

    The ProfitJul 28, 2010 10:11:54 AM
    You're kidding, right? If it was your loved one being shot would you want to see it and relive it over and over again? Have the whole world watch and see them die? I know you're not interested in the rights of the officer, but believe it or not, they have rights too. You're not interested in the facts of the case nor an impartial investigation, you just want to see a live shooting.
    Interested ObserverNov 11, 2010 06:59:09 AM
    After 16 years she is still a patrolman? a) Why (no interest in advancing? b) What qualification does such a worms-eye view give her to become the sheriff (i.e. no experience with complexities of budgeting etc)

    FTR: I have no dof in the fight

    Johnn AJul 28, 2010 10:01:24 AM
    Officer Bisch, the postponing of the coroners inquest in The Erik Scott case is rare, or so says Mike Murphy, the coroner. Do you think this delay has more to do with the election, than the actual ability to investigate this case? Would you be surprised to see a Nov. 5 date set? And if so, is it right to play politics with such an important investigation?
    Amy SierraJul 28, 2010 09:35:32 AM
    Please ask Ms. Bisch to comment on how she would handle things such as the shooting at Costco.
    DonnaJul 28, 2010 09:31:46 AM
    We really like Laurie Bisch! I want to know what is going on with all these Officers killing people? I saw the news where one Officer rammed a guy with his car, another one where Trevon Cole was shot in his bathroom and the Costco shooting has me questioning things. Why would the Coroner postpone the inquest? I don't understand.
    Brandin McCraeJul 27, 2010 23:44:27 PM
    Hmmm...interesting I never recall saying this? Looks like words being placed in my mouth...although it is a good question. interesting what you find online...
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