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Wynn Dealers
Wynn Dealers

AIR DATE: September 21, 2010

The Nevada labor commissioner says Wynn Las Vegas' controversial policy on tip pooling between dealers and their supervisors is legal. So what does that mean for Wynn's dealers? We talk to two current and one former Wynn dealer about the ruling and where the case goes next.
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    I can see both sides of this situation in the pit. We all know that a supervisor can assist in serving customers while they are gambling on our tables. Excellent service is expected of supervisors and by providing great service, the liklihood of customers toking is enhanced. Additionally, it has been traditionally difficult to get dealers to put on a suit because it is a cut in pay. Sharing in the toke pool makes sense!
    MarkAug 10, 2010 17:44:05 PM
    Although no longer in the industry, I have held positions ranging from PT Dealer to D/R Shift Manager. It was my experience the futher up the ladder I climbed the easier the work became. As a dealer you have to be be, "On Stage", if you will for your entire shift. You are the face of the Casino,and can make or break a customers experience. Because our pay was largely based on tips you wanted to make it the best possible experience the customer could have, even if they were losing money. Your sick pay and vacation pay was based on your wage from the casino, excluding tips. Consequently, most dealers could not afford to take many vacations to recharge their mental battery. You stand at the table for an hour expecting to deal a designated number of shoes per hour to maximize casino profitablity. There was both mental, physical and environmental stress on you for your entire shift. As a Table Games Supervisor, although still expected to provide a high quality of customer service, your exposure to environment and physical stress was less. The major stress experienced was largely mental stress. My sick and vacation pay was based on my salaried wage.
    Joann G.Aug 8, 2010 07:10:36 AM
    The day my country's economic system is said to be less than China's is a very sad day for me. Wynn's actions can never be supported by Congress or the National Labor Relations Board. I thought Mr. Wynn was a capitalist. How can he invoke communist ideology? To ensure that the communist side of Mr. Wynn's psyche does not prevail it is the responsibility of every dealer accross the nation to organize and unionize to protect themselves against such outragious proposals. This is America! Organize, make a plan and fight back.
    Greg Holmes Foxwoods DealerAug 5, 2010 15:37:28 PM
    Yes Greg, We are also very lucky to have a union at Foxwoods. Sadly the Wynn casinos did not unionize in time. The only option the Wynn dealers have is to organize and strike.
    Ludwig PulaskiOct 31, 2011 09:02:27 AM
    The original problem Wynn believed he had was the lack of qualified floor supervisors. Many quit due to the incredible amounts of overtime. There were several big mistakes that were not handled properly and Wynn believed the good dealers didn't want to advance to be supervisors because the pay was less. Wynn should have paid supervisors more money with company funds. Wynn believes that the level of customer service has increased because the supervisors get a share of tips. He's wrong. The supervisors still rate the patrons as they used to, say hello and make conversation. The dealers should not have to pay the supervisors to make their behavior toward the customers better. The supervisors should be good to customers because that is what they are hired to do. The company should pay them a fair wage for the work they are expected to do. A share of tips is against what the patrons expect, and it has resulted in a major loss in income for the individual dealers. It's morally wrong and there were many other ways Wynn could have fixed the problems he had with supervisors other than throwing the dealer's money at them. Wynn used to be so respected. What happened? Why doesn't he care?
    Dave HAug 2, 2010 09:56:10 AM
    Wynn does not like people makeing tips or making money. He took away all the show room people makeing money by asigning seats. Then he gave managers tip money that they do not work for. He needs to leave Vegas the way it was. People made a good living being dealers but is they to take that away. He said this is the way they do it in China, is he kidding this is not China. Shame on him
    cindyJul 31, 2010 21:39:48 PM
    This is not about dealers but about all tip earners . This is the start of paying, payroll from employee tip pools
    S BJul 31, 2010 14:33:40 PM
    Very well said....Good job!
    cathy taylorJul 31, 2010 10:14:34 AM
    Unfortunately, the Labor Commissioner is wrong. The battle ahead is based on contractual law. The dealers went to school, and planned their lives according to their income expectations. Wynn can't legally steal their money, and destroy the future of this town. There is a fight ahead, but most likely the Union of Wynn Resorts will have to collaborate with the Teamsters and the AFL-CIO to craft a viable strategy ahead. The Labor Commissioner was payed off, obviously.
    Windy MooreJul 30, 2010 20:23:06 PM
    Wow, what happened to the Steve Wynn from the early days? Is he that hard up - having lost his empire once before - or has ego and greed overtaken him?

    If dealer managers want the tips and pay of dealers, be a dealer.

    JohnJul 30, 2010 10:23:40 AM
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