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Horsford on Taxes
Horsford on Taxes

AIR DATE: August 10, 2010

Sen. Steve Horsford was the prime sponsor in the last legislative session for a study to examine the state's fiscal situation. Even he was cagey about tax increases although he delivered a blistering speech in the special session demanding that businesses pay their fair share of taxes. Now he's broken the unofficial silence on the tax issue for the 2011 legislature by saying that more responsibilities will fall on local governments, programs will be cut and that taxes will be raised by around $1.5 billion. We talk about Horsford's prescription for the state's budget crisis.

Anjeanette Damon, Carson City Bureau, LV Sun

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It's truly laughable to claim that most "services" government offers are actually "essential" or "vital". Indeed, over the past decade Nevada's budget has gone from $1 billion to perhaps $7 billion because politicians cannot distinguish between mere wants with actual needs. Myself, every day I dream of how much better off I would be if I had my entire paycheck instead of half of it - I'd be investing and growing the economy instead of mostly wasting it as the politicians do.
TomAug 4, 2010 17:22:11 PM
I admire Sen. Horsford for his courage in stating the facts. I do believe he came up a bit short; but I understand the politics of this. If this state and every county, city, town and village herein wants to avoid draconian cuts to essential services there is one tough fact that must be understood. This may come as a surprise from a business owner, but an increase, on a temporary basis, will be needed to keep many municipalities afloat in these trying times. A 1% or 2%, or even a little more, will not bring my business or my life to a screeching halt. The selfishness of the individual must be outgrown in order to ensure the survival of the community.
Robert [via email]Aug 3, 2010 17:09:58 PM
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