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District Leadership
District Leadership

AIR DATE: August 9, 2010

Clark County Superintendent, Walt Rulffes was supposed to step down this month but might stay on until January as the district searches for a new leader. Meanwhile former Nevada higher education chancellor, Jim Rogers says Rulffes is now essentially an ineffective lame duck. So what kind of leadership does the district need? We continue our summer series on education with a look at district leadership.

Jim Hager, Prof-in-Residence, UNLV, and former Superintendent, Washoe County School District
Sheila Moulton, CCSD Trustee
Carolyn Goodman, Founder and Former Pres, Meadows School
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    To the point of whether people would pay more tax if it went to education: I think the core problem is that our government organization in general are so archaic that we should all be ashamed. Look at what companies spend to develop abilities on the internet, for example, and we still have to fill out forms, we let congress (both state and national) decide what the priorities are when it would be easy to do on the internet...and we talk as citizens and we have no say in how our taxes are spent. Solve this and things will start to change
    KirkAug 5, 2010 09:44:58 AM
    I've seen Rulfes in action, and I'd say at best he was totally incompetent, so no great loss. And while people oddly worship Rogers, he too is incompetent in that he preserved many tens of millions of dollars of totally useless crap at the universities, while at the same time cutting classes and such. I suppose it's too much to hope that we get someone with some common sense and the skill to do more with less money - a lot less money!
    TomAug 4, 2010 16:54:58 PM
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