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Making Music with William Waldrop and Robert Williamson
Making Music with William Waldrop and Robert Williamson

AIR DATE: August 11, 2010

William Waldrop's mother sat him down at the piano when he was three, and it sparked a lifelong love of music. He stumbled upon another bit of musical kismet when he met Vegas songwriter, Robert Williamson. The two formed a collaboration, and brought in local Phantom of the Opera singers and musicians. Now they're about to present their first concert: Listen to Our Song: The Music of Waldrop and Williamson. The local songwriters talk about the inspiration behind the project, and the song one of them wrote about his father's struggle with Alzheimer's.

The concert takes place Sunday, August 8 at the Clark County Flamingo Theater at 1:30 p.m. A silent auction and reception starts at noon. The concert is presented by SinCityQSocials and benefits Golden Rainbow . Seating is reserved for $20.

William Waldrop, Asst Conductor, Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular; composer
Robert Williamson, lyricist

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Pandemic! Flu-iscal the Musical made me want to kill myself.
DeanneJun 12, 2011 04:09:39 AM
I loved hearing the stories behind the music collaboration -- what a great interview. Wish I could see a production of "Red Rover" soon! -- What an amazing idea for a a show. I wish these two the best of luck in getting their songs out there.
Linda IveyAug 4, 2010 13:30:26 PM
Great interview. The song played during the interview could be a huge country music hit! Thanks for the information on the Las Vegas music scene. There are so many talented people in Vegas is is great to learn more about them. I will be looking forward to seeing this show on Sunday afternoon.
Shawn MahoneyAug 4, 2010 12:10:58 PM
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