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Review Journal Lawsuits
Review Journal Lawsuits

AIR DATE: August 12, 2010

The Review Journal is suing dozens of websites and individuals for copyright infringement claiming whole and portions of RJ articles were illegally posted on various sites. Journalist and blogger, Steve Friess says putting a scare into those individuals is the right thing to do. We talk with Steve Friess about the RJ lawsuits and why he thinks the RJ might be helping to clean up the world of internet intellectual property theft.

Steve Friess, freelance journalist and blogger,
Steve Gibson, CEO, Righthaven LLV
Lawrence Lessig, Dir, Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics, and Prof of Law, Harvard Law School

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Steve Friess should learn how to listen... his complaints were acknowledged by the ethics professor and he didn't even bother to hear. He just kept on w/the useless diatribe about copyright infringement. The man said he wasn't against people getting paid for their work...

Besides me (neither Steve, the attack lawyer, the ethics professor nor Dave ) no one mentioned democracy. Remember democracy?

wen merritAug 10, 2010 11:33:03 AM
I feel Steve Gibson has really old view on information in the modern age. Rather than trying to stop this from happening and going after people who copy stories, companies, like the RJ, need to start promoting the sharing of their information/stories if they are to succeed in the modern age.

If you use YouTube for example, Google understood that people would be ripping videos from their site and re-posting as their own on different sites. So rather than trying to hinder this, YouTube has made it easier for people to use their videos on any site. But its done under their own terms with video embedding. The videos link directly back to their page and contain their own advertisements. Maybe the RJ needs to start promoting their stories through some sort of image or flash based embedding. A much cheaper solution than fighting a never ending internet copyright battle.

The lack of understanding of how information works in the modern age is the exact reason why traditional media companies are suffering. The RJ can try and fight infringement and exploit copyright laws but this is very shortsighted.

MatthewAug 10, 2010 10:55:23 AM
What I'd like to hear the Righthaven spokesperson detail is the actual process of their suits, as the way I understand it is that Righthaven seeks out these posted articles PRIOR to purchasing the copyright from the RJ, then imposes these legal actions against the poster only for monetary gain. They only BUY the copyrights for the articles they find reposted online. If they were wanting to convince me that they are there to protect copyrights, why aren't they purchasing ALL the RJ's copyrights, and not ONLY the ones they have found they can make money off of through lawsuits. This whole argument on "protecting" copyright fundamentals is bull.
Justin M.Aug 10, 2010 10:04:06 AM
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