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Hospital Infections
Hospital Infections

AIR DATE: August 16, 2010

The rate of MRSA infections continues to rise in Southern Nevada even though there are well-known ways to reduce incidents of the hard-to-treat infection. The local Veterans' Administration is using them and has a very different track record on MRSA infections. We talk to Marshall Allen of the Las Vegas Sun about the latest part of his investigation into health care in Southern Nevada. We are also joined by local experts who deal with MRSA every day.

Marshall Allen, Medical Reporter, LV Sun
Tracy Puckett, RN, MPA Dir, Infection Control/Critical Care, UMC
Marcia Friedman, daughter of MRSA victim

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I was struck by the discussions surrounding QC systems. In my opinion, coming from a quality management experience that spans industries, healthcare is way behind in its understanding of quality as a systems issue. Inspections, posters, trophies and all of those "exhortations to improve" are meaningless in the face of an inadequate,approach to excellence (aka quality). Some of what I heard said we have great people, trying their best but working in an antiquated system of quality management. Warm Re3gards, Hugh McAllister
Hugh McAllisterAug 9, 2010 21:40:56 PM
It is unfair for all those concerned not to know about the newest drug development innovations. Ceragenix has been represented at financial conventions for a few years now. Obviously, due to the fact that Ceragenix can kill staph. the question becomes, why hasn't the FDA put it on the market, and into the pharmacists shelves immediately?.
Windy MooreAug 9, 2010 12:50:14 PM
$25 test, when it comes time to get paid costs what? 250-1000, then to have people from the medical profession talk about cost. When healthcare is based on profit, you get profit.....
KirkAug 9, 2010 10:32:27 AM
While we are discussing infection control...Can we please outlaw the fake "Vegas" nails on all healthcare workers? Those nails are incubators for pathogens, no matter how much hand washing the nurse does.
ann Aug 9, 2010 10:31:34 AM
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