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Military Spouses
Military Spouses

AIR DATE: September 17, 2010

We often talk to troops on our show about their time overseas. But what about the wives and husbands back at home? While their significant others fight a war, they're paying the bills and picking up the kids. What's it like when your husband is hardly home? How do you tell your kids that Mom or Dad will be gone for a year? And how do you deal with signs of PTSD when your spouse returns? As one wife said, "I married the kindest, most compassionate man. But a different person came home." A group of military spouses join us to talk about what life is like on the homefront, and what happens when the deployment is over. Rebroadcast.

Annie, Air Force spouse
Tammie, Marine Corps reservist spouse
Erin Sahlstein, Prof of Communication Studies, UNLV and is seeking military families for study about deployment and communicationbr>

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Today's show was one of the best that I've heard in quite some time. Moving, powerful, painful, emotional, all of that and more!

I could barely listen to the segment without tearing up or outright crying in my car, I couldn't imagine what the husbands and wives that have to stay at home go through. You have to be so strong for your kids, yourself, and your husband or wife that's been deployed.

Deeply moving, thank you so much for this segment. We civilians need to appreciate the struggles that come with serving our country, both abroad and at home.

Thank you,


Citizen0Aug 17, 2010 10:02:42 AM
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