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Rep Shelley Berkley Answers Your Questions
Rep Shelley Berkley Answers Your Questions

AIR DATE: August 25, 2010

Congresswoman Shelley Berkley takes a break from Capitol Hill to answer your questions. How is she proposing to pull the region out of one of the worst jobless and foreclosure rates on record? Why did she push to extend jobless benefits, but stop for those who reached the 99-week max? Why did she support stimulus funding and did it live up to its promises? Now that she's won the primary, what are her plans for the November elections... and what does she think of the Democrats' chances? Rep. Berkley talks unemployment benefits, online gambling, Medicaid and other hot topics. She's here to answer your questions.

Rep Shelley Berkley, U.S. House of Representatives
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    From the Mexican American Political Association Al C.

    Dave for Ms. Berkley

    What is Congress doing about canceling H1B1 Visas!?!

    i.e.: General Electric has Brought thousands of Tech Workers from India at very low wages (contracts set up in India, under Indian law. US labor laws do NOT apply) have replaced 100s of Thousands of employees in the MANY industries that GE is in (Wind power, Medical, Aviation, Industrial, Military, Nuclear Power, etc. etc. etc.)

    As an Engineer myself, I KNOW that GE Killed my industry. and thousands of People like me became unemployed.


    Also all jobs of a VIRTUAL nature like Tech support, customer support, part ordering, etc. those were exported to India, Philippines and Central America. THOUSANDS More jobs lost.


    CONGRESS needs to Allow those Visas to Expire and NOT renew.

    (easy way to fade out instead of abrupt cancellation. allows CORPs to deal w transition and dealing w investors and lower revenue as US people become employed again. this mess is only BENEFITING INVESTORS w higher Returns to the detriment of the whole country)


    * This mess started back in 1996 with the advent of the Y2K (year 2000 computer doomsday)

    Al CastanedaAug 23, 2010 09:57:52 AM
    Congressman Berkley, We must stop this fantasy that we can continue to throw unsecured funds at our national economic problems. Future generations will greatly suffer from these wasteful abuses. Government must stop its unsustainable public sector growth. How will you explain to future generations this unforgivable level of debt?? J
    jAug 23, 2010 09:54:04 AM
    Why bring up religious rights when it has NOTHING to do with this? No one's religious rights are denied if this building is not built. Denial of religious rights would be telling Muslims they cannot pray in public, they cannot practice Islam and oppression like that.

    How do you NOT see that this is intentionally provocative? This is like the flotilla controversy in that the planners know this will make them look like victims no matter the outcome. Are you really this naive?

    What do you make of the name change? Do you know about Muslims and Cordoba? Do you know about taqiyya? Do you understand the role of symbols in Islam?

    This is intentionally provocative. This has nothing to do with religious right. The one thing Democrats seem to be bothered by the most is how it will further harm their election results. Talking about rights is pure is something for people who know better to say instead of "of course this is in poor taste" but being PC stops them. Disgraceful.

    FrankAug 23, 2010 09:46:50 AM
    I just heard you comment that one of the purposes of government was protect the minority from the majority. If we look at the results of our government in the financial sector, manufacturing sector, tax sector, healthcare sector, we are faced with the sad situation where the majority is now threatened daily by the minority and the government can't and won't do anythings about it because that minority owns the government officials. I think that the congress ought to consider a major review of how the government works, what members should receive given all the failure we see and to reconsider who it is that pays your tab.
    kirkAug 23, 2010 09:40:08 AM
    NO. She said the purpose of the CONSTITUTION.

    also you said: "minority owns the government officials."

    Those are ridiculous, ludicrous, concepts or perceptions. Clearly you are not sure about what is going on

    Al C.Aug 23, 2010 10:07:26 AM
    Why is the NV ED office taking soooooo long to process the 1,000's of unemployment benefits passed by Congress, et al 6+ weeks ago?

    You can never ever get through on their phone lines. And what is this so called penalty if you hit re-dial that it does not go through.

    My wife has been trying for 2.5 weeks to call the ED office with absolutely no luck getting through.

    For the Newspaper to say that the ED office is using computer that are 30 years old is unbelievable. 30 years ago was DOS Ver 2 and the NV ED office has to be using higher level computer than that. What can you do to assist the many 1,000's who can not get through to re-activate their unemployement benefits. Thank you. /s/James

    James SaintAug 23, 2010 09:30:07 AM
    The banks failed to run their business under legal guidelines. I, as a homeowner, did not break any law. What would have been so wrong with letting me keep my home free and clear? It seems to me that the entire country would have been better off with the extra spending money that an absence of a mortgage payment would afford them. As I see it, the only ones winning are the people who broke the laws (the bankers and traders) and those same people have been rewarded, while we "middle class" or working class, pay for their bonuses and the very banks that were not following the laws of running their business. If I owned a dry cleaners and I was not following the law, I would be shut down. Why is it okay for Wall Street and Banks to be above the law?
    Betty in Vegas

    BettyAug 23, 2010 09:19:19 AM
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