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What Are Your Options When You Get Older
What Are Your Options When You Get Older

AIR DATE: August 27, 2010

When your parents get older and need care, what options are out there? A senior community, private nursing home, or at-home care? How much does it cost, and why does it wipe out some families' savings? What safeguards are in place to prevent against cases like Chancellor Gardens? (Its license was revoked for throwing away pills, rather than giving them to patients.) How do you ensure the best care without breaking the bank? And what happens when the government cuts back on assistance? We talk to those who searched for the perfect home for their elderly parents and their success and disappointment. Plus, an insurance expert talks about what options are available.

Paul Shubert, Health Facilities Surveyor, Nevada State Health Division's Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance
Jennifer Mascari
Rick Laspaluto, Certified Financial Planner, Centaurus Financial

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I appreciated today's discussion and wish it could have continued another hour. I am interested in the discussion not only about skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and long term care facilities, but less known are the Group Homes. I believe there are various levels of care in the licensing of Group Homes, and the cost also varies, often less than a nursing home. How does one assess the quality of care in a Group Home? Is there a resource for knowing the reputation of a Group Home. How does the monitoring of a licensed Group Home in meeting standards of care, differ from a SNF, LTC, or Assisted Living facility? Thank you!
Sharon CarelliAug 24, 2010 10:17:26 AM
Sure, it's smart to have long-term care, but the reason most folks don't have it is because it is simply too expensive for a lot of people. Ask your guest to discuss the costs, especially for people who are over 60 years of age.
SusanAug 24, 2010 10:01:06 AM
Mom bought LTC insurance in 1996 for the home health care component that she always wanted and has qualified for in 2008. The policy is a fraud! They won't pay claims. The policy defines home health care as a licensed agency (so no family member or friend can be paid). In Michigan, home health care agencies ARE NOT LICENSED. For 2 years I've been fighting to get mom's LTC to cover the $24 an hour services mom needs to be safe and healthy in her home. I've had to retain attorney, file complaints with state insurance regulation dept., contacted mom's legislators., etc. There are many other problems with mom's LTC policy, yet she continues to pay premiums going on 14 years. Everyone needs to be forwarned that LTC policies need to be carefully examined before signing up!
Valerie McNayAug 24, 2010 09:42:49 AM
I'm 33 and currently thinking about what you had said. So I researched one online for long term care insurance. WHICH ONES ARE GREAT OR BAD. I found one called AARP, but this is one of many. So which one do I chose?
anonymous personAug 24, 2010 09:27:49 AM
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