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Nevada System of Higher Education Budget
Nevada System of Higher Education Budget

AIR DATE: September 6, 2010

It's been called futile and unlikely to ever become reality. It's the 2011-2013 budget request for the Nevada System of Higher Education. Depending on how you crunch the numbers, the system's regents have requested the same budgeting as the last biennium or a 25% increase. In any case, the Board of Regents has defied the Governor's request for a 10% cut. We talk with Chairman of the Board of Regents James Dean Leavitt about the board's budget and what he thinks the Legislature will do with it next year.

James Dean Leavitt, Chairman, Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents
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    Becomes a sad joke this top spokesman, man-in-the-know, this "leader" who says he spent 7 years in order to get his LAW DEGREE, and yet he insists that Nevada needs Engineers & Scientists. His less useful, by his own admission, law degree lets him park his top-dog-butt atop engineers & scientists where he can better lecture one and all as he's done tonight.

    When yet another attorney doesn't practice what he preaches, this crowd accounts in large measure for the down-turn in our economy with Financial bail-outs, as opposed to Germany booming economically without giving banksters handouts, nor having the preponderance of "Leader-just-because-I've-a-Law-degree" losers.

    Wish math, science & engineering folk would question just exactly how he parlayed his worthless diploma into a cushy job.

    Eddi P. in No. LVAug 31, 2010 22:22:21 PM
    The Board of Regents was not created to cow-tow to the Governor; they were created to oversee higher education and remind all of us how vital it is to Nevada's economy and future. Without them, there wouldn't be any elected officials in this state willing to speak out and defend our future prosperity. Other states in the same financial difficulty with Republican Governors are investing in education-why aren't we?
    Jim in HendersonAug 30, 2010 22:13:20 PM
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