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The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission
The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

AIR DATE: September 14, 2010

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission met in Las Vegas Wednesday. This is the bipartisan group that has been charged with writing the history of the financial crisis so we will know for sure what led to the crisis and the recession with which we're still living. We meet two Nevada-based commissioners to discuss the progress the commission has made towards finding out what caused the crisis and what they think they're report will tell us.

Byron Georgiou, Financial Crisis Inquiry Commissioner
Heather Murren, Financial Crisis Inquiry Commissioner
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    In the olden days, captains of industry who ran their ships so spectacularly aground would at the very least resign in shame & dishonor. Nowadays these slime balls just move on to a bigger and better gig.

    They say they "didn't know" but I figure the truth lies someplace between plausible deniability and outright FIB. FBI should grill these turkeys.

    PinStripe SniperSep 9, 2010 17:45:00 PM
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